Our Purpose and Objectives

At Stepping Stones, our purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children and youth who do not know Jesus Christ and to nurture Christian faith to those who already do. We seek to provide a safe and spiritual holiday that serves to foster Biblical knowledge, active faith and the development of Christian life skills.

Our Objectives

To teach children and youth about God as He has revealed Himself through His Word, and to create an environment in which they can grow and develop in faith and obedience, through Bible study, prayer and song.

To develop in children and youth an appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation and a stewardly attitude concerning how that creation is to be enjoyed.

To provide opportunities for children and youth to enjoy new and challenging activities which promote responsible behaviour and the development of Christian life skills, which encourage healthy relationships with others.

To assist children and youth in becoming active members of their church communities.

To nurture the development of long-term, “big brother/big sister” relationships between young Christian adults and children and youth with special social, emotional and family needs.

To provide counselors and other staff members with opportunities for leadership development and for Christian service to others.

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