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Camp Manager

We are searching for a Camp Manager: someone to oversee Stepping Stones Bible Camp and ensure that we are ready to invite kids up to camp each year for a holy, happy and healthy week!

Interested? Read more below and send us an email to apply!

Applications close December 31, 2022.

This is a part time, goal-based position. It is expected to be seasonal work with spring and summer being busier. Training and mentorship will be provided. Start date to be negotiated, preferably early 2023. 

Compensation: $1000 / month 


Ensure that Summer Camp is a success each year by leading committees, training staff, and overseeing camp initiatives as they plan for each new camp season. 


  • 1

    Lead committees and volunteers through monthly meetings.

  • 2

    Provide clear direction to all volunteers and camp staff to ensure the vision, values and goals Stepping Stones are maintained through the execution of Summer Camp.

  • 3

    Break down functions into clear mandates. Supervising camp committee members to ensure all committees fulfill their mandates.

  • 4

    Submit requests for new policies as required or suggest changes to current policies.

  • 5

    Hire and mentor Camp Staff with the values set by the Stepping Stones Board:
    a) Schedule and conduct staff interviews alongside a Board Liaison.
    b) Assist in leading staff training days leading up to Summer Camp.
    c) Confirm Staff have completed required medical and criminal record forms.
    d) Potential to include Camp Director with hiring staff members.

  • 6

    Actively recruit volunteers for camp support work:
    a) Ensure all the Camp Committee Head positions are filled.

  • 7

    Work with the Camp Committee to research new camp offerings to continuously improve the camp for all stakeholders.

  • 8

    Report information from the Camp Committee to the Board Liaison.

  • 9

    Help the Camp Committee resolve issues as they arise.

  • 10

    Ensure camp is set up prior to first day of Summer Camp.

Skills Required:

  1. Provide leadership to the camp committee
  2. Ability to communicate, delegate and organize the camp committee to complete tasks
  3. Strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills
  4. Willingness to listen and seek the input of others
  5. Previous Summer Camp experience and knowledge

Email us to apply! Don't forget to include the following in your application:

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    Introduce yourself!

    Tell us about yourself and why you'd be a great fit for this position. Tell us about your previous camp experience!

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    Please include 2 references.

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