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Kyle de Leeuw


Director, Assistant Director

Meet Chevy!

I started out with the camp name "Captain Obvious" but changed to a shorter name "Chevy". I drive a Chevy Truck and Hailey's (my wife) Camp name is Impala, from her favourite car the '67 Impala so together we make Chevy - Impala. Camp is always a great place to put away the everyday stresses of life and devote and entire week to grow a deeper relationship with God. It's also a great lace to get to know new friends and grow relationships with you currents friends. I have a couple favourite memories... who doesn't? As a camper, the split campfires together with fellow brothers in Christ and putting our struggles out on the table has such a great impact on life know that the burdens can be carried together. Other fun memory comes from back when we slept in the red barn and at night the counselors would sit in the middle and tell stories. And a third... Beach day every year is always the best memory with tubing, water fights, and other great activities. Serving at camp is an incredible opportunity to be great leader and role model to the younger generation. It's a place to make new memories and grow the strength of the communion of the saints. Camp up and running again after this two year break is incredibly important for the church community and I am excited to help out to provide an amazing summer for all the kids, counselors, and Staff. Christ is always walking along side us in our lives. My life has been filled with lots of highs and lows and in the moments Christ has been there to support me. In the moment you may not see it but looking back on the years you the abundance of rich blessings he provides along the path of life. I love playing and watching all kinds of sports (Hockey, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, golf, and list can go on). At times can get a little competitive :). I work in Construction management as a Quality assurance representative. Serve on the Camp maintenance committee helping the property managers keep the property running smoothly.