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Our Clubhouse Project

Camp & Rentals

Our clubhouse has been designed to provide the services needed for camp while giving the opportunity for rentals.

Located at the top of a slope, the clubhouse is oriented in a way that captures the valley and mountain views, maximizes sun exposure and catches cooling summer breezes.

The size and scale of the clubhouse complements the existing buildings, including the big house, farmhouse and chapel building. To make the clubhouse look smaller, it was designed to look like a collection of three buildings. The clubhouse has been designed to reflect the atmosphere of Stepping Stones. It embodies the values and spirit of camp, physically expressing brokenness and joy, humility and exuberance, imperfection and wholeness.

  • Will you help?

    A contribution to Stepping Stones is an investment in the lives of children and young adults. Your contribution allows Stepping Stones Bible Camp to continue to share the Gospel so that your kids, grandkids, friends and neighbours can learn about and grow closer to Jesus Christ.

  • Make a Pledge

    Building a clubhouse is a serious endeavour that takes serious commitment and cash. We are asking donors to carefully consider how much they can contribute over the next few years. Let us know by pledging today.