Counselors lead devotions, encourage and mentor campers, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their campers. They work in pairs and have a ‘cabin pack’ of about six campers in their care. Most agree that Counselors have the best job at camp!

Counselors work closely with the staff to meet the needs of their campers by coaching, encouraging and building friendships with them. In order to become a counselor, applicants are required to fill out an application form, agree to the statement of beliefs held by the camp, submit a police check, attend an interview if necessary and participate in counselor training.

Regarding the police check, it is a Stepping Stones policy that every volunteer must submit a police check prior to volunteering at camp. This is an important and necessary precaution to help ensure the safety of the children who come to camp. This information is found at the end of the Counselor Application Form.

Additional information about your role as a counselor at Stepping Stones Bible Camp can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a counselor do?

As a counselor at Stepping Stones you play an important role in making a camper’s experiences enjoyable and memorable. At Stepping Stones the campers are split into cabin packs (groups of approximately 4-6) dependent on age. Two counselors are responsible for each cabin pack. Responsibilities include:

  • Showing leadership
  • Leading group devotions
  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Showing Christian love
  • Promoting group unity
  • Mentoring and encouraging campers
  • Monitoring your cabin packs camp experience
  • Making sure campers are enjoying themselves
  • Making sure campers are safe and playing safe

Who can be a counselor?

Counselors must:

  1. be a member and in good standing of a Canadian Reformed Church or a member of an associated (sister) church, as testified by the local church’s leadership (typically by way of a reference letter).
  2. be of the eligible age to be a counselor
  3. have obtained a police check from their local police jurisdiction.

What are the Required Ages?

Stones Week counselors must be at least 17 years old, or turning 17 within the year they are planning to serve at camp.

Rock Week counselors must be at least 18 year old, or turning 18 within the year they are planning to serve at camp.

Boulder Week counselors must be at least 20 year old, or turning 20 within the year they are planning to serve at camp.

What is the difference between a CIT and a counselor?

CIT stands for Counselor In Training. It simply means that it is your first time serving at Stepping Stones Bible Camp. Your responsibilities are the same as counselors, the only difference is that you are doing it for the first time and may be uncertain about how things are done or executed. For this reason, we offer some extra training time with CITs to help them become more prepared for their week at Camp!

We also do our best to partner CITs with a co-counselor who has some experience.

Can I be a counselor if I am married?

Certainly! Especially since we have introduced our teen camps (Rock & Boulder), married couples are a huge asset to camp. Married couples share invaluable  insight and leadership to the campers. Many married couples have served at camp in the past, and we would love to have more! Please apply!

Do I need to have previous experience working with children?

While past experience would be an asset, it is not necessary in order to become a counselor at Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones Bible Camp offers training and extra support to counselors unfamiliar with how things are done at camp. We also do our best to partner first time counselors with a co-counselor who has some experience.

Do I need to get a Police Check before becoming a counselor? If so, how do I do so?

Yes. Stepping Stones requires all volunteers to have a Police Check” done before volunteering. Your local police station will have a form for you to fill out which will then be sent to Stepping Stones. More information on Police Check can be found in our Counselor Application package. Costs associated with obtaining a Police Check are eligible for reimbursement.

How long will I be at camp for if I volunteer as a counselor?

Counselors are expected to serve at camp from 5:30pm on Sunday night (the day before the campers arrive), to 3pm on the following Saturday.

While the campers are at camp from 11am Monday morning to 12pm on Saturday, the counselors arrive early to prepare mentally and spiritually for the campers; to learn about the events, expectations and procedures at camp and to get to know the other counselors and staff they’ll be working with.

What are the differences between the weeks at camp?

Stones Week: Campers are grades 3-6. This is the full experience of camp life. The days are jam-packed full of programs, chapel, singing, devotions, and tons of fun! Rock weeks last for the full week.

Rock Week: Campers are grade 7-8 This is a fun filled week that focuses on spiritual growth. Activities during this week challenge the campers and counselors alike. It is a very rewarding and spiritually stretching week at Camp. Teen weeks also last for a full week.

Boulder Week: Campers are grades 9-12. This is a fun filled week that focuses on spiritual growth. Activities during this week challenge the campers and counselors alike. It is a very rewarding and spiritually stretching week at Camp. Teen weeks also last for a full week.

Do I have to be enthusiastic all the time to be a counselor?

No. While energy is your friend at camp, we do not want anyone to feel they have to be someone they are not. There are many different ways to serve at camp and while we want to challenge volunteers, we don’t want to force them into roles they don’t feel comfortable in.

Camp is an absolute blast. Most people leave at the end of the week physically exhausted but spiritually invigorated. While  ‘Camp is for Campers’, the reality is that the volunteers gain so much and go home with more than they could have expected. It is hard to describe one’s own experience to others without ending with, “You just have to try it!”

It’s past the deadline! Can I still apply?

In past summers Stepping Stones has still had roles to fill after the deadline. Yes, you can apply after the deadline, but your chances of getting a spot in the week of your choice might be more difficult. The spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I apply?

Fill out the Counselor Application Form!

If you have any questions this page doesn’t answer, please contact and our head counselor will get in touch with you.

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