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Rent our Facilities

Let the quietness refresh you.

Stepping Stones’ 160-acre property in Deroche, BC is a great place to be any season of the year. Perched on a south-facing mountain, with forests, trails, and open fields, the property offers many opportunities for relaxation and recreation. 

There is overnight accommodation for approximately 97 people in the summer and 25 people in the winter. There are a host of outdoor activities to enjoy on the property. Play a game of soccer on the field outside or other sports event. Experience walking or hiking on the property’s trails. Enjoy slip-n-slide in the summer or tubing down the hills in the winter or just relax by the outdoor fire.

  • Big House

    Overnight accommodation for 17 people.

  • Maple Cottage

    Overnight accommodation for up to 6 people.

  • Tent Cabins

    Overnight accommodation for up to 64 people.

  • RV Site

    Partial hookup, including water and power hookups.

  • Tent Site

    Bring your own tent.

  • Day Use

    Includes access to all outdoor amenities.

We are currently reviewing our pricing. We are honoring our old pricing for accommodations at a 10% increase for the remainder of 2021. New rates will come into effect January 1, 2022.