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Our facilities require urgent improvements in order to meet the requirements mandated by the local district.

Stepping Stones Bible Camp is in jeopardy because our main building, The Barn, has been deemed unfit for occupancy as it does not meet the local Building Code. The local district requires it to be decommissioned and boarded up. 

In order to continue Stepping Stones Bible Camp, the Stepping Stones Retreat Society board has considered a number of options, including renovating the existing barn into an appropriate clubhouse, building a new clubhouse or renting temporary facilities each year. The board has agreed to proceed with the design and build of a new clubhouse. This is expensive (Estimated to be $2.2M!) and requires financial support from our community. We ask that you carefully consider your capacity to contribute.

For other options or inquiries please email

Or, make out a cheque to: Stepping Stones Retreat Society

Send to: Attn: Treasurer 

10943 Brooks Rd,  Deroche, BC V0M 1G0  Canada


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Stepping Stones relies on your financial support to make camp available to all. Your support will allow youth to attend camp who otherwise are unable to attend. Donations of $300 will cover one camper’s registration. Your support, and the impact this will have on campers lives, is greatly appreciated.

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