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The Last 5% Campaign

With this campaign, we are focusing on property development that will complement the Lookout Project and further improve the overall camp and rental experience. These projects will better the functionality of spaces created during the Lookout Project and will increase the safety of individuals that come to camp.


These new developments allow us to grow. Conforming facilities allow us to offer a better, safer camp experience and the opportunity to rent our facilities throughout the rest of the year. 

We can’t help but think how many young people will be encouraged through this property over the next 50 years. At 350 campers welcomed to camp year, that’s 17,500 young people with an extra spring in their step and a deeper sense of purpose. We see them ready to step up in their homes, schools, churches and work places, because they know that God loves them and that their daily troubles are healed through Jesus Christ. 

This inspires us. Does this inspire you? 

We're not done yet!

We are happy to report that we were able to do more than expected with the donated funds from the Lookout Project! We were able to finish The Lookout building and pool under budget! With remaining funds we successfully reroofed three buildings, built an 80 stall parking lot, renovated the second level of the Caretakers Cottage, and renovated the old Farmhouse Cottage (now called the Cedar Cottage), which we had previously converted into a camp kitchen.

But we’re not done yet!

While the Lookout Project has provided incredible opportunities for camp and rentals, it has highlighted some missing pieces!

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