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Stone Day Camps

  • Grades 3-6
  • Stone 1: July 6+7
    Stone 2: July 20+21
    Stone 3: August 3+4
  • $75 per Camper

What to expect

Stone Day Camp is a consecutive two-day camp experience (Tuesday + Wednesday). Come each day from 9am to 5pm with snacks and lunch provided. Enjoy Chapel and Devotions, Games and Water Activities, Campfire and Singing.

Campers will leave with a collection of fun memories, new friendships and most importantly, an understanding that their daily troubles are healed through Jesus Christ. 

Hey Parents!

Want to help your child grow in their relationship with God?

As Stepping Stones staff, we’ve seen that youth often lose sight of the important things while in their home and school environments. Even parents with the best intentions share that their kids strongly benefit from time away from home.

After some time at Stepping Stones, many children and teens are more motivated, more passionate and more excited about working through the challenges in their lives.

“The atmosphere here is just one of love and acceptance and worship. It’s like a little piece of Heaven.”
— Camper, Rock

Join us this Summer