Staff are responsible for the operation of the summer Bible camp.  The staff roles include: Camp Director, Assistant Camp Director, Programs Director, Programs Assistant, Male Head Counselor, Female Head Counselor and Camp Nurse. Each of these roles are described below.

The Camp Director is responsible for the safe and effective running of each week of camp. As the highest authority on the property during the weeks of camp, the Camp Director reports to the Stepping Stones Board and is expected to operate under the Stepping Stones Camp mission statements and adhere to all Stepping Stones policies and procedures.

The Assistant Camp Director ensures the safe and effective running of camp, by assisting the Camp Director and supporting all staff where required. They ensure that camp is operating in accordance to the Stepping Stones Camp mission statements and adhere to Stepping Stones policies and procedures.

The Programs Director is responsible for organizing and facilitating all activities, games and outings at Stepping Stones Camp. The Program Director, working with the Programs Assistant, ensures each week of camp has a positive atmosphere.

The Head Counselors (Male & Female) are responsible for the well-being of all the counselors at Stepping Stones.  The Head Counselors ensure the counselors are functioning in a way that is effective for campers and for the Stepping Stones camp, such that the camp can fulfill the Stepping Stones mission statement each week. They do this by leading, mentoring and motivating the counselors. There are two head counselors, one male head counselor to oversee the male counselors and one female head counselor to oversee the female counselors.

The Camp Nurse is responsible to ensure the maintenance of health for the campers, counselors, staff, kitchen help and all volunteers. The Camp Nurse is to adhere to their specific nursing college ethics and standards of practice, as well as Stepping Stones Policies and Procedures. The Camp Nurse has ultimate authority in matters relating to the physical health and wellness of an individual. The Camp Nurse is part of the leadership team at Stepping Stones Camps and reports to the Camp Director.

It is Stepping Stones Bible Camp policy that every staff member must submit a police check prior to working at camp. This is an important and necessary precaution to help ensure the safety of the children who come to camp.

All staff are active Christians and communicant members of the Canadian Reformed church, or of a church with which the Canadian Reformed churches have ecclesiastical fellowship through the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council.

Staff have some previous camp experience, either by previous staff experience, counsellor experience or by other volunteer experience. Staff show personal characteristics of enthusiasm, patience, discipline, humility and integrity.

Each staff position is a paid position, with remuneration a factor of time served.


Staff Information Packet

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