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So you're interested in the Job!

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Operations Director 

About Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Bible Camp exists to encourage young people to know Christ more deeply.

We see these young people with an extra spring in their step and a deeper sense of purpose, ready to step up in their homes, schools, churches and workplaces, because they know that God loves them and that their daily troubles are healed through Jesus Christ.

We invite young people (aged 8 - 16) who face troubles, pressure and temptations to a week-long place of rest on our mountainside property in Deroche BC, where they can be awed by God as He is revealed through nature, through the Bible and through relationships with Christians.

Stepping Stones Bible Camp is overseen by Stepping Stones Retreat Society, a not-for-profit society registered in Canada. Our board and staff are Christians and are members of the Canadian Reformed or United Reformed Churches. They are passionate about serving others and making an impact in the lives of young people. Their decisions, attitudes and behaviours are always  : Gospel-Saturated, Joy-Filled and Safety-Focused or as we say at camp “Holy, Happy and Healthy”. 

Our camp is located on a 160 acre mountainside property in Deroche, British Columbia. Our property has a humble assortment of old farm buildings with a magnificent vantage point over the eastern Fraser Valley along with a slice of steep mountain side. The mixture of humble existence combined with the joy and wonder of the views is simply captivating and speaks to the message of the Bible Camp. Soon, we will complete our Clubhouse building, which will not only be the home base for the summer camp, but a great place to host a conference, retreat or wedding. To continue to sustain Stepping Stones, we will earn money by renting out our facilities.  

About the Role

The Operations Director is responsible for operating the assets (facilities) at Stepping Stones and generating a return on those assets by properly maintaining the assets, marketing to relevant audiences and managing the incoming business to maximize earnings. Additionally, the Operations Director also works with the Summer Camp Committee to make sure the Summer Camp has the resources, policies and administration it needs to function well each year.  The Operations Director will be the day to day face of Stepping Stones. 

Because the role is diverse and sometimes demanding, it is best suited for a couple working together as a team who are able to live on the Stepping Stones property.  

The Operations Director reports directly to the board and relies on the board for strategic direction and oversight. The Operations Director is expected to prepare annual operating budgets and reports, monthly reports to the board and attend monthly meetings with the board. 

The role requires a 5 year commitment, to be reevaluated by the board after each year.  The ideal start time for this position is April 2021, aligned with the completion of the Clubhouse. 


Business Management

  • Develop a revenue plan and implement plans and processes to increase rental revenue at Stepping Stones to $250,000 per year, while ensuring each renter has a great experience!
  • Make recommendations to board for capital allocations that ultimately increase earnings. 
  • Prepare reports for the Board to demonstrate progress
  • Develop policies for property usage to increase efficiency and limit liabilities. 


  • Share Stepping Stones through appropriate and timely communications to engage followers and encourage the participation of donors, volunteers, staff, counsellors and campers based on the needs of the Camp Committee and at the direction of the Board. 
  • Build relationships with other groups or industries to grow awareness and encourage rentals
  • Evaluate opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising on an on-going basis
  • Coordinate fundraising events or festivals or other events at the direction of the Board.
  • Represent Stepping Stones at appropriate events.

Camp Coordination

  • Work directly with the Stepping Stones Bible Camp Committee to ensure: 
  • the camp is properly administered with appropriate systems or software
  • camp resources are planned and supplies ordered
  • appropriate policies are in place and followed
  • that activities and equipment for the camp are on the property and safe to use.

Property Management*

  • Coordinate ongoing property maintenance and small property improvement projects.
  • Ensure the rental facilities are properly cleaned and maintained. 

*Note: Stepping Stones currently has a Property Manager. This portion of the Mandate will be added at the end of the Property Managers’ Term (expected August 2022?)


The Operations Director will have: 

  1. A passion for the mission of Stepping Stones
  2. A strong Christian Faith as evidenced by a commitment to their local Reformed Church
  3. A good understanding of Stepping Stones Bible Camp and the supporting community
  4. Resourceful character, with an eager willingness to try, adapt and solve problems
  5. An entrepreneurial spirit, with a desire to develop, grow business and consistently implement and optimize processes
  6. Clear and concise verbal and written communication skills
  7. An initial understanding of (and willingness to continue to learn) the technical aspects of digital marketing and graphic design, website editing, google suites administration and the technical aspects of camp and booking software.

Ideal Candidates: 

The ideal candidates for this position would be a couple who are keen to take on a new adventure! They would value their christian faith, their strong marriage and their willingness to try new things and do great work. They would put a higher value on serving others than they do on making money. 

He (or she) would likely be practical, competitive, diligent and creative. They would spend most of their time making the property look amazing and getting out to build relationships with different groups to bring in rentals. 

She (or he) would likely be organized, detail oriented and able to plan spaces and events. They would spend most of their time coordinating rentals, logistics and other services and refining logistics and processes to keep the property efficient. 

Together, they would have a keen eye for detail, a willingness to try new things, a creative side, a pride in ownership and an ability to market and sell. They would understand technology, social media and websites. 

Others would commend them for their ability to work well together. Their friends would wonder why they haven’t started a business together already! 


Stepping Stones wants to ensure that the Operation Director is compensated well so that they feel empowered to do their best work and have the ability to save for a future down payment on a home. 

Stepping Stones will provide free housing on the property, a base salary and a commission of a percentage of rental revenue (excluding camp revenue). 

 It will take a few years to monetize the property. Once the property is fully monetized through rentals, the couple should expect to earn a healthy commission!  

Next Steps

Does this interest you? Before you apply, you'll probably want to know more. 

Email us by clicking the link below. 

Be quick, applications close April 1 2021.