2019 Work Bee

Help get the Stepping Stones property in Deroche ready for the 2019 camp season!

Thanks to all who came out and supported Stepping Stones by getting the property ready for this coming camp season!

There are a few tasks that need to be completed yet, shown on the list below. Click the link and email us if you (and some friends!) can complete these tasks in the next weeks.

 Big Tasks

Task Tools / Equipment Est. Time
Complete top 10 steps of ‘Jacobs Ladder’ with concrete blocks shovels/picks/ 3 hrs
Hiking trail cleanup  gloves/hand power  2 hrs
R&R toilets in Big House ensuite  & Farm Cottage  hand tools  1 hr


Smaller Tasks

*Please bring your own cleaning supplies

Clean Washrooms in club house & sweep clubhouse floor (2 people, 1 hour each)
Wash all outside windows: Clubhouse (1 person, 1 hour)
Clean 8 tent cabins and tree house (8 people, 4 hours each)
Clean Farm Cottage (2 people, 2 hour each)
Clean Maple Cottage (2 people, 2 hour each)
Wash all outside windows: Big House (2 people, 1 hour each)
Wash all outside windows: Maple Cottage (1 person, 1 hour)
Wash all outside windows: Farm Cottage (1 person, 2 hours)
Wash all outside windows: Travel trailer (1 person, 1 hour)

Email our property managers at: hmvanderlinde@gmail.com to sign up for a task and set up a time to get it done! 

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