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About Us

Stepping Stones Bible Camp

Stepping Stones is…

a Chistian Summer Bible camp. We provide youth with a safe, spiritual holiday that fosters knowledge of God, active faith and the development of Christian life skills… while having a ton of fun along the way!

Our Vision

We see Stepping Stones as a premier, B.C. Camp-accredited facility and program. We welcome people of all ages and walks of life to our beautiful property in Deroche, inviting them to unplug and spend some time with us as we focus on growing in our relationships with God, with each other and with ourselves.

Our Values

Relationship | Fun | Gospel | Safety | Transformation

Our Property

Our camp is located on a 160 acre mountainside property in Deroche, British Columbia. Our property has a humble assortment of old farm buildings with a magnificent vantage point over the eastern Fraser Valley along with a slice of steep mountain side.

The mixture of humble existence combined with the joy and wonder of the views is simply captivating and speaks to the message of the Bible Camp.

Board of Directors

  • Justin Bontkes

    Chair, Long Range Planning and Capital Projects

  • Jared Bouwman

    Vice Chair, Marketing and Fundraising

  • Amy Vanderhorst

    Treasurer and Human Relations

  • Christina Vandergaag

    Camp Committee

  • Christina Bouwman


  • Arlena Onderwater

    Secretary and Rentals

  • Keith Wildeboer

    Property and Infrastructure