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Stepping Stones Bible Camp

Why Stepping Stones?

To encourage young people to know Christ more deeply.

We See...

We see young people with an extra spring in their step and a deeper sense of purpose, ready to step up in their homes, schools, churches and work places, because they know that God loves them and that their daily troubles are healed through Jesus Christ.

What do we do?

We invite young people (aged 8 - 16) who face troubles, pressure and temptations to a week-long place of rest on our mountainside property in Deroche BC, where they can be awed by God as He is revealed through nature, through the Bible and through relationships with Christians.

Guiding Principles:

Our decisions, attitudes and behaviours are always: Gospel-Saturated, Joy-Filled and Safety-Focused. 

To keep things simple we say Holy, Happy and Healthy. 

Here is how we define them: 

  • Holy

    This means…

    • Campers, counsellors and volunteers knowing that they are broken, but made right with God through Jesus.
    • Teaching GRACE: Gods riches at Christ’s Expense.
    • Holding firmly to the Word, in personal devotions and in chapel.
    • Spending time in prayer.
    • Knowing that God loves us unconditionally, and therefore loving others unconditionally.
    • Seeing the fruits of the Spirit: love joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

  • Happy

    This means…

    • People who are genuinely happy because they know that God loves them, and they are eternally secured.
    • People looking comfortable
    • Hearing every child laughing or seeing them smiling.
    • Hearing “That was so fun, I want to come back — do you want to come too?”
    • Food presented in a fun way.
    • Buildings decorated in a fun way.
    • Celebrating unique skills, stories and diversity
    • Putting the service of others above our own wishes, just like Jesus did for us.

  • Healthy

    This means…

    • Seeing no anxious campers.
    • Seeing no physical or emotional injuries.
    • Seeing policies and procedures in place and being followed.
    • Caring about all others and asking: “How are you really doing?”
    • People asking, “Can I pray with you?”
    • People feeling comfortable enough to say, “I need to tell you something...”
    • Good, wholesome food.

Our Property

Our camp is located on a 160 acre mountainside property in Deroche, British Columbia. Our property has a humble assortment of old farm buildings with a magnificent vantage point over the eastern Fraser Valley along with a slice of steep mountain side.

The mixture of humble existence combined with the joy and wonder of the views is simply captivating and speaks to the message of the Bible Camp.

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Board of Directors

  • Justin Bontkes

    Chair, Long Range Planning and Capital Projects

  • Jared Bouwman

    Vice Chair, Marketing and Fundraising

  • Amy Vanderhorst

    Treasurer and Human Relations

  • Christina Vandergaag

    Camp Committee

  • Christina Bouwman


  • Arlena Onderwater

    Secretary and Rentals

  • Keith Wildeboer

    Property and Infrastructure