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Help at the Property

We know some of us are itching for things to do and opportunities to get outside while doing something meaningful. Some of us have kids at home and need a family outing. Others of us are underemployed or unemployed.

The good news is that Stepping Stones has lots of things to do.

Families: Volunteer at Stepping Stones

Take your family. Do a project or tackle a hike, adding footsteps to our recently renovated trails.

Here's what you can do:

1. Check out the list
View the list and sign up online. Keep an eye on the list. We’ll update regularly.

2. Tell Us When
Let the Property Managers know when you'll be coming by calling or texting (604) 814-2448

3. Come!
Come and do the work on your own schedule.

1. Bring your own tools, gloves and lunch
2. Follow COVID standards, as mandated by our authorities
3. Stay away from the construction site

Take Me to the List!

Labourers: Volunteer on our Clubhouse Project

Construction on our clubhouse is full steam ahead! Construction is an essential service and the crews practice safe distancing.

We could sure use some volunteer construction labourers! Enjoy community spirit, do something practical and help out while working outside. Again, bring your own lunch, gloves, safety gear and whatever else you might need.

Get in touch with Aubrey, our construction manager: Phone / Text: (604) 309-5441

Email Aubrey