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Join us for a jam packed week of laughter, fun and fellowship.

  • Grades 11-12
  • July 1 - 5, 2024
  • $400 + tax per Camper

A week at camp

Campers will be put into cabin packs of up to 6 campers with 2 counsellors. They will spend the week together participating in all the day’s activities and meals and will share a cabin at night. Campers and counsellors will be led through the week by our incredible staff.

Campers will leave with a collection of fun memories, new friendships and most importantly, an understanding that their daily troubles are healed through Jesus Christ.

"I love the sounds of camp the most. There's the laughter and squeals of fun during the games and activities, the splashes of the pool, and the clanging of dishes being served and cleaned. There's also the crackle of a fire or the flapping of coloured streamers being blown by a fan as camp gathers around for an evening of fun. There's the birdsong heard in the quiet moments of the morning, or during QTD's, and there's sniffling tears while our Saviour meets us in our struggles and low valleys. There's the crunching sound of gravel as campers enter into the chapel, hushed whispers before bed in the cabins, and thunderous roars at mealtimes in the Lookout. Finally there's the sound of voices and instruments blending together to sing praises to our Heavenly Father. While we witness creation singing the Father's song, we get to sing songs to our Father among His beautiful creation. Yes, it's the sounds of camp I love most, and that in all of them, we worship."

A day at camp

A typical day at camp includes:
- Chapel
- Cabin Pack Devotions
- Games and Activities
- Scrubby Dubbies
- Toothbrush parties
- Campfires
- 3 amazing meals and lots of snacks
- And so much more!

The week is spent in God’s creation, bonding with fellow believers, growing closer to each other and being encouraged to know Christ more deeply.

If you have any questions about the week’s schedule or about Stepping Stones Bible Camp, please reach out!

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  • HOLY

Hey Teens!

Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of life —the unrest in your home, the social expectations at school, or the temptations hiding in your screens? At Stepping Stones, we welcome you —yes you —with open arms. We don’t and won’t judge you; you can just be yourself. We’ll love you and share with you the best news there is. We'll invite you to the Gospel. After a week of fun, you’ll leave here more motivated, more passionate and more excited about working through the challenges of your life.