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A whole new camp experience.

  • Sharing a message of hope
  • Simple, easy to use
  • Connecting the whole family

This year, we are excited to share camp with you, your friends and your family, for free!
We will share gospel-centred chapel material for the whole family. Our chaplain will journey with you through the Lord’s prayer.

Register to access filmed chapel messages, downloadable Cabin Pack Devotions, Quiet Time Devotions and campfire songs.
We are creating a simple platform that you can use in your backyard, on a picnic or on your camping trip. Our goal is to bring people together - especially families and friends.

Make camp your own wherever you are, at any time!

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Join us this Summer

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    Make a plan for when you'll do Stepping Stones with your family or friends. Count on 1-2 hours a day... perhaps 30 min in the morning and 30 min for discussion in the evening.

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    Take Stepping Stones along!

    Go on your camping trip or hike, watch the videos, spend time in Quiet Time Devotions and in discussion with family and friends.