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Encouraging young people to know Christ more deeply

Get ready for camp 2024!

  • Learn about
    the Gospel.
  • Develop skills &
  • Have fun
  • We Offer Financial Assistance!

    In an effort to make camp accessible to all youth, our camp fees are about half of what it actually costs for a camper to come to camp. We also offer sponsorships to families that are unable to afford the registration fees!

    If this is you, we would encourage you to make use of our sponsorship program! Simply go through the registration process as normal and select the "Financial Assistance" option and follow the prompts. Our admin team will reach out to you after that!

A Stress Free Registration!

You read it right: stress free! We understand that camper registration can be stressful – we’ve done everything we can to help reduce this stress and provide a quick, user-friendly registration process.

Click the button below to access our Policies Page. Here you will find all the relevant information you should need for camper registration, including a list of all the information you will require for the forms.

Note that once a camp is in your cart, you will have a spot secured for 90 minutes in order to accurately complete the forms. The forms must be completed for you to register and there is no option to change your forms later. Completing these accurately saves our volunteer admin team a lot of time from needing to go in and update all your information after registration. The forms will only take a couple of minutes to fill in.

Camp Policies


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Get involved!

Join us for an incredible week at Stepping Stones!

See how you can get involved this summer! Let's find you a role that will stretch and challenge you in all sorts of good ways! Sign up to be a counsellor or apply for a staff position!

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