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Programs Committee Head

Committee Mandate: 

  The Programs Committee will create a unique weekly schedule of activities for each Summer Camp Program.   

They will do this by:

1. Creating a manual that includes the objectives, goals and explanations for each camp program. These goals and objectives are to be reviewed each year and up-dated as necessary.
2. Creating an annual program manual or booklet that identifies a detailed program for each week. These detailed schedules will include the basic set-up and structure of each day, may include suggested games, crafts, activities, themes, skits etc. – in short an outline of how each week is to progress from a programming point of view.
3. Creating a weekly schedule for each summer camp program (Stone, Rock, Boulder & Capstone)
creating a supply list and purchasing or finding all needed materials before the commencement of camp.
4. Researching and developing new games, crafts, and ideas and collecting these resources for use at camp. cultivating the craft program – ideas, supplies etc.
5. Connecting with the Chapel Committee to enable coordination with chapel theme
6. Recruiting necessary community volunteers to execute programming (e.g. storytellers, boat drivers, lifeguards, etc…)
7. Organizing Volunteers Thank-You BBQ at the end of the camp season

Skills Required:

  • 1

    Skills in leading a group of people in brainstorming sessions and implementation planning

  • 2

    Ability to find people for the committee, lead committee and delegate tasks appropriately

  • 3

    Creativity and willingness to research other camps’ programming and facilities

  • 4

    Good written and verbal communication skills

  • 5

    Basic computer skills in Google Suites, Word, Excel and Gmail

  • 6

    Have or create a strong network of connections within the community

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